[Samba] name resolving via routers

Martin Schmidt martin.schmidt at jielo.de
Fri Oct 25 19:26:00 GMT 2002


I am administration the network of a company.
There are two houses connected via wireless bridge.
I want to secure this connection with IPSEC so I put a linux router on each 
Since this time I do not see the Samba/Win PC's on the other side within 
"network Neighbourhood".
The Settings
				Side "A"
				IP range, domain abcd.int
Win98 workplaces
Samba-Server as PDC
router with (eth0)
and (eth1)
wireless stuff
				Side "B"
				IP range domain abce.int
Router with (eth1)
and (eth0)
Samba-Server as PDC
Win98 workplaces

Do have to "link" the PDC's anyway, is there a special protocol have to route 
also, or is there any documention I could refer to ?



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