[Samba] winbind_lookup_name for group foobar failed

drenning, bruce bdrenni at catholicrelief.org
Fri Oct 25 14:23:45 GMT 2002

I keep getting these annoying error messages. Can anyone help me figure out
what's going on?

I upgraded from 2.0.10 to 2.2.5 several months ago. I use domain security.
Under 2.0.10, each user had a uid & gid on the Linux servers. joe smith
would have uid jsmith, and be in a group called jsmith.

Since I upgraded to 2.2.5 & winbind, I have deleted all the local user uid &
gid. I have replaced all permissions on files with DOMAIN+ntaccount or
DOMAIN+ntgroup instead of the old linux local uid & gid. However, I keep
getting these messages where smbd is complaining about not being able to
find the old gid. Like this:

Oct 25 09:13:05 server smbd[5661]: user_in_winbind_group_list:
winbind_lookup_name for group jsmith failed.

Why is smbd still trying to use the old group names instead the
domain+ntgroup names?

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