[samba] Configure problem with Solaris 8, samba 2.2.6

Tommy.Fallsen at kongsberg.com Tommy.Fallsen at kongsberg.com
Fri Oct 25 09:57:01 GMT 2002


I get this message running configure

checking for test routines... configure: error: cant find test code.
Aborting config

In config.log i get this.

configure:10694: checking for test routines
configure:10703: /compilers/sparcompilers_r/6.2/bin/CC -o conftest -O
ILE_OFFSET_BITS=64  conftest.c  1>&5
./tests/trivial.c, line 3: Error: The function exit must have a prototype. 1
Error(s) detected.
configure: failed program was:
#line 10699 configure
#include confdefs.h
#include ./tests/trivial.c

I do not get this using gcc 2.95.2 only when using Forte 6.2.

Whats the best way of compiling samba?

Use gcc with gnu make?
Or use Forte with native make?


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