[Samba] How to configure server smb.conf and client Windows NT under auto DHCP obtain IP address?

steven henry steven168cn at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 25 09:38:01 GMT 2002

    Samba server runs Redhat Linux7.3, smb rpm is samba-2.2.6-1.i386.rpm.
Samba server and Client NT4 locate in the same LAN, both automatic 
obtain IP address from DHCP. Samba server host name: dhcp093. Client name: steven
    On the Server file: /etc/hosts: dhcp093.in1.domain dhcp093(domain represents
my company domain server name). But I use command /sbin/ifconfig eth0, 
I found inet addr:
    Client: use ipconfig :
    Shall I modify my /etc/hosts as dhcp093.in1.domain dhcp093  ??
    I configured both server smb.conf and client with the same group name,
and with same user name and password, and share a directory for the defined user.
    But the problem is: 
1.   On client Neibourhood, I can see the Server computer,
      but I can not browse it. 
2.    I use command on samba server "nmblookup -B dhcp093". ( is the 
broadcast address). Event is" querying dhcp093 name failed". But I use command on samber server
"nmblookup -b steven" is successful.
     Can you explain these? How to configure server smb.conf and client Windows NT ?
         Thanks a lot!!

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