[Samba] Write/Modily permissions

Chris Koch verbatimx at charter.net
Thu Oct 24 23:51:10 GMT 2002

Hello All,
I have successfully setup my samba server to work with Windows 2000.  No
problems, pulls W2k usernames from W2k domain controller and I am able
to access the shares that I want to.  However, I said I can access and
view what is in the shares.  I can open documents in the shares.
However, I can not save any changes, create any new documents, or create
any new folders.  I have gone over all the material that I have and
can't find anything wrong.  Just ordered three books off of Amazon so
maybe I'll get some answers from those but I don't expect those to
arrive until early November.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks in Advance,
Chris Koch
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