[Samba] Domain not available

Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Thu Oct 24 17:47:01 GMT 2002

On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 13:20, Cyberduck1 wrote:
> Hello People...
> I'm trying to set up a Samba PDC. In windows, the Samba server is called Server1, Domain MyDomain, Windows NT4.5 Primary.
> When I try to log into the Domain, W2K displays Domain MyDomain not available.
> What is going wrong here?

read the howto
if you still can't get it running post 
a more detailed message 
with your smb.conf file and excerpts of the logs
showing a machine failing to log in.

things to try:
make sure name resolution is working (ie wins is configured on clients)
apply signorseal reg fix to clients if they're at sp2+
make sure your machine account is created on the server (ending in $)


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