[Samba] Re: How Samba let us down

Keith G. Murphy keithmur at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 24 16:42:00 GMT 2002

Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> Philip Burrow wrote:
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>>Well this one certainly roused you all.
>>Must it be the case that you all jump in to reply to this unhelpful garbage
>>yet when someone posts a 'simple' query they often don't get any replies.
> Do you know how many 'simple' queries we get a day?   Do you know how
> many of them are answered in the archives?   Do you know how much time
> goes into answering these 'simple' queries anyway?
To defend Philip somewhat (and not to contest your efforts):

I think he's referring to the phenomenon that I've seen on way too many 
technical mailing lists:  be a complete asshole and you'll get the 
complete and undivided attention of multiple developers and power users, 
all of of whom assert, while helping, that that's not a good way to get 
help.  :-)

Best way to do it is to impugn the quality of the product, and threaten 
to switch to another.

(By the way, the OP's subject line was a work of art along these lines. 
   The 'us', rather than 'me', raising the prospect of a huge group of 
people disappointed in Samba, was particularly nice.  I take my hat off.)

I'm pretty sure a lot of posters have noticed this and use it to their 
advantage.  You do have to be kind of unprincipled first...  :-)

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