[Samba] user or group names with blanks

Thierry ITTY thierry.itty at besancon.org
Thu Oct 24 15:51:00 GMT 2002


I'm a happy user of samba since years
I just d/l 2.2.6, configured it (w/ winbind), compiled and installed it
It's working

thought, i need to control access to some resources relatively to user's
appartenance to some nt groups, and i intended to do this with "read
list"/"write list" or "valid users".

my problem is that some group names contain blanks inside, and i did not
find at this time how to set such a name in a read list parameter

for example : in the domain OFFICE, users JOHN and PAUL both belong to
group "ACCOUT MANAGERS". winbind works fine and i can chgrp a file to
OFFICE\\ACCOUNT\ MANAGERS, the embedded blank is ok.
but, what i wish, is to use the same thing within smb.conf and "write
list", and this doesn't work 


considers @OFFICE\ACCOUNT alone (which is an invalid group...)

so the question is : how do i escape blanks in user/group names in smb.conf
for parameters taking a list of users or groups as value ???

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