[Samba] Unable to change group permissions from Windows

Scott Wrosch kc8lir at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 24 14:40:01 GMT 2002


A little background real quick:

I'm running a real small Samba server (latest
release).  It's located on a Windows domain.  So far
so good.  Everything seems to be working properly.

Now, I can get into the public share and create
folders and stuff just fine.  The problem I'm running
into is that I want to be able to restrict access to
the folder to a specific domain group.  Every time I
try to change it through Windows, I get this error:

Unable to save permission changes on New Folder.

Access is denied.

I set up winbind through the Samba documentation
online (don't have the link in front of me for the
specific instructions), and everything went fine.  So,
now that I'm getting this error when I'm trying to
make the Windows group changes, I'm getting really
confused as to what's going on.

Any suggestions?


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