[Samba] Security issue

Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Thu Oct 24 13:27:01 GMT 2002

On Thu, 2002-10-24 at 06:05, Bart wrote:
> Continuing on my previous inquiry,
> 	Windows 2000 has the possibility to set numerous permissions on
> a number of users, but in the linux ext2 file system I only have the
> possibility to set rwx permissions for owner, group and everybody else.
> 	When I have a win2000 roaming profile (stored on ext2fs with
> samba) and I log on to a different computer, the 'extra' permissions of
> the NTFS seem to be lost. I have many troubles ppl complaining how file
> sharing works one day, but the next day not anymore.
> 	I really would like to keep the roaming profiles, so any
> suggestions are welcome to overcome this problem.
you want ACLs on the server
you need a filesystem such as XFS that can support ACLs and
a samba compiled --with-acl-support


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