[Samba] MSDFS info...

Fabrizio Morbini fabrizio.morbini at libero.it
Thu Oct 24 11:15:01 GMT 2002

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Mac wrote:

> Nothing special needs to be done on the other three server (A, B and
> C).
> You just set up a share called 'shareA' on server storageA, and a share
> called 'share' on both servers storageB and storageC.  They're
> completely normal shares.  (You can even map directly too them from you
> client machines to test)
> (Note, life will get very confusing if the share called 'share' doesn't
> contain exactly the same things on both server B and C)
> [Side note.  Make sure your 'smbd' binary ws compiled with 'msdfs'
> enabled for your MSDFS server to work.  The other servers (A, B and C)
> don't need MSDFS support]

But what about authentication? How the server storageA... can allow the 
connection to the share if the autentication is made on the MSDFS server 
with an user maybe not present into storageA... (maybe I miss 
some some step...)

Thank you and Best Regards.


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