[Samba] 2 samba's?

Elliot elliot.williams at mutualinterest.com.sg
Thu Oct 24 03:05:02 GMT 2002

Hi guys, I am currently running samba 2.2.5. My mandrake actually came
with Samba. Not sure which version it was. I didn't think I would need
it so I uninstalled it long time ago using the rpm -e option. So after a
while I changed my mind and downloaded the tar.gz version of samba
2.2.5. I am currently running it. Everything seems to be working fine.
So one fine day I decided to check on the packages installed in my
system and it came up with this.

samba-client 2.2.6-1.0.pre2.2mdk
samba-common 2.2.6-1.0.pre2.2mdk

Now the question guys is ..... WHAT SHOULD I DO? ... Should I remove
those packages? If I do , will I be harming my system? Will my tar.gz
version samba be crippled? ... Please help!


Elliot Williams
IT Executive

Laugh alone and the world thinks you're an idiot.

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