[Samba] ipsec problem

James Hubbard jhubbard at mcs.uvawise.edu
Wed Oct 23 23:14:49 GMT 2002

Do you have hosts allow enabled in the smb.conf?  Do you have any 
firewalling turned on?

hosts allow = 192.168.0.

James Hubbard

Thomas Angst wrote:
> Hello all together,
> I've got here a very strange problem.
> I've set up a vpn with freeswan between two subnets over the internet.
> Now I can ping from behind to behind.
> With Windows 98 I can search a computer which is in the other subnet and 
> find the the computer.
> But...only the other computer is NOT a samba server. Means a w2k or w98 
> is ok.
> If I'm looking for the samba in the other subnet, I get no match. But I 
> can proberly use w2k to get access in the other subnet on the samba server.
> The only combination that not works is win98 to samba (yes 
> smbclient/linux works too).
> And I was not searching for the computer by name I was only searching by 
> the ip address.
> Does anybody have an idea what the problem can be?
> thanks for any answers
> Thomas Angst

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