[Samba] Performance problem executing programs from shares

Gerhard Vögel gjv at 4consult.de
Wed Oct 23 22:28:38 GMT 2002

> > Campared with another samba server configured as PDC (without ldap) on a
> > much smaller machine, startime of programs executed from shares is 3 to
> > 4 times slower, normal copies are faster.
> >
> > I think I tried every parameter that could effect performance but had no
> > success. Increasing debug level to 4 produced a windbind log file with 
> > following lines:

> Can you try setting

>       enum winbind [users|groups] = no

> This can make a large difference for domains with lots of users
> and groups.

I tried both and it made no or only a very slight difference.

Because none of the parameter changes I tried had any effect, I suspect 
there is an error somewhere reducing performance so drastically, that no 
tuning parameter can noticeably affect it.

But I can't find it and would appreciate further hints.



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