[Samba] PDC Problems

Michele Santucci tux at shiny.it
Wed Oct 23 22:22:01 GMT 2002

Hi ml,

I got a weird problem using smb server as pdc for a M$ lan... In this lan I
have several W2K (SP3) / XP (SP1) workstations and a couple of Win98.
Win98 machines are working fine since they just authenticate on the
W2K ones give some more headaches....even if I followed step by step the
most recent PDC howtos and faq as long as the smb pdf manual (btw I'm using
smb release 2.2.5) I cannot join the machine to the domain neither
automatically nor manually.
If I try to create the machine trust account by shell (via adduser) on the
server and then try to modify the network id of the win2k pc but I got an
error more or less like this: "remote procedure malfunction" *
If I try to create the trust automatically I got 2 behaviors:
    1) if use the root user to authenticate and force the join I got a
"unknown user or bad password" *
    2) if I try to use Administrator user I got: "This's a machine account.
Use the remote / local user account to perform this operation" *

Any hints? Maybe I have to modify something on the W2K worstations?

* NB I suppose these are the english messages... I'm using a W2K italian

    bye by(t)e[S]...TuX!

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