[Samba] Re: How Samba let us down

Jay Ts jay at jayts.cx
Wed Oct 23 20:16:09 GMT 2002

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 06:36:26AM +0930, Richard Sharpe wrote:
> In my opinion, while it is possible to do what you say, that is not how
> you will detect corruption. Corruption of the sort you mention will be
> detected very quickly in normal tests.
> The sort of corruption I think we should check for is the following:

Um ... er ... excuse me, but I find the above statements to be "suspicious".

Rather than doing "normal tests", or checking for what "we should
check for", what about checking for cases in which Samba has been
configured *insanely*.  Or in other words, what happens when an admin
who is new to Samba (and maybe also to Unix) tries to create a Samba
configuration (including all installation steps and creating the
smb.conf) but winds up with a configuration that isn't anywere near ideal?

I'm thinking about the guy who started this thread who (assuming
I'm not mixing him up with other threads I've been reading/writing
today) wasn't running a WINS server?  Next question:

Is Samba routinely stress tested on networks where there is no
WINS or DNS server, and all name resolution is done by broadcasts?

And how about if in addition, multiple Samba servers are set up to
conduct browser wars (i.e., with the os level and preferred master
parameters set the same on both)?

I suppose I could come up with more examples, but I think you
get the idea, and in any case, I've already spent too much time on
this today, especially considering that I never intended to start
on this subject...

Jay Ts
jay at jayts.cx

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