[Samba] Printing issues.

cmcclan at btinternet.com cmcclan at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 23 19:52:01 GMT 2002

I would very much appreciate some assistance with some printing problems.

If I log into a Windows 2000 PC localy as Administrator and setup a printer share from another Windows 2000 PC as the default printer, when I log into that same PC as a user (but authenticate via a samba domain controller) I would expect the printer previously setup by the adminstrator to be available to the user. Unfortunatley it isn't. I can add the share manually as that user and appear to print to it, but nothing actually prints out.

If I log in as a network administrator, I do not have these problems, the printer is automatically available to me and I can print to it fine.

o) Solaris 9
o) Samba 2.2.5
o) Windows 2000 clients

Thank you,


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