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Have you applied this symlink?
ln -s `which smbspool` /usr/lib/cups/backend/smb 
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Le Mercredi 23 Octobre 2002 18:44, Hal Vaughan a écrit :
> I've seen a lot on printing from Win boxes to printers on Linux boxes. 
> I've found very little on printing from Linux to Windows printers. The
> HOWTO has some information and I've found several other sources, but I
> still can't get my Linux box to print to a Windows 2000 printer.
> I'm using Mandrake Linux 8.2, Samba 2.2.3a, CUPS (I'm not sure of the
> version, I think it's ), which I'm managing through the KDE control panel. 
> I have an Epson C60 on a Windows 2000 box that I need to be able to access
> from Linux. I'm doing this on my home office lan, but I need to do the
> exact same thing (with a different printer) on a friend's lan.
> I used the CUPs control panel and told it to scan the network. It found
> the Win2k box that's the host for the printer, but not the printer. I
> tried typing in the info manually, but nothing prints. I used the CUPS web
> admin tool and found I kept getting the error message:
> "Unable to connect to SAMBA host, will retry again in 60
> seconds....'Success"
> That is the only message I get.
> I'm testing everything on my own LAN, since I figure once I get it to work
> on my LAN, it'll work okay on my friend's.
> I know I'm asking for free help, but I need to get my friend's computer
> printing to his Win2k box asap, so any help I can get on this soon is
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks!
> Hal

This should work...

1- did your friend share his printer on his win2k box?
2- try a newer version of samba, e.g. 2.2.6 (get it here: 
http://people.mandrakesoft.com/~staburet/freshsamba )

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