[Samba] Hi, project (samba-php)

Alejandro Glez de Chaves Guerrero agonzalez at cana-web.com
Wed Oct 23 18:45:01 GMT 2002

Hi, I´m an university student of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ( Canary Islands, 
Spain). I apply to you because I´m begining to develop my last project, I´m at 
the end of my Computer Engenieer career. What I try in this project is to 
extend the PHP language with a library that it conects to a SAMBA server and 
makes the functions that alows us the  SMBCLIENT on the actually systems. The 
actually developments that I could see (including SAMBA2WWW) are developed 
making use of the function   “system” that includes the majority of the 
languages to make calls to own operative system functions. My idea is to try 
don´t use this function and use others mechanisms to obtein that those who use 
them could do it quietest it´s a segurity question. And also of trying that a 
language so extended as the PHP is evident that have a function library to the 
conexions with SAMBA servers. Well what I´d like is that if you can and with 
all the experience that I suppose that you have, you would indicate me if it´s 
possible to do my project and would send me all the information that you think 
it could de useful any way. First of all thank you and I hope to recieve your 
news as soon as possible. 

Alejandro Glez de Chaves Guerrero
Dpto. Diseño y programación web
mail: agonzalez at cana-web.com
movil: 646154545

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