[Samba] Windows printer share problem.

cmcclan at btinternet.com cmcclan at btinternet.com
Wed Oct 23 14:14:12 GMT 2002

I have a situation where users authenticate to a samba domain on Windows 2000 clients, but are unable to print to printers that are attached to Windows 2000 PC's (also part of the domain) and being shared. 

If I login as a user who has sysadmin priviliges there is no problem. 

If I login as a normal user to a PC, and this printer has a default printer setup, which is in effect a share from another PC, the normal user does not pick up this (i.e. if you view start --> settings --> printers, the machines default printer is not present). If I add the printer manually I can see the printer, but when I try printing although the job appears to be accepted nothing actually prints out. 

Thanks for any help, 


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