[Samba] RE: How Samba Let Us Down

James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp at gesinc.com
Wed Oct 23 13:53:11 GMT 2002

First of all let me say that your implementation of Samba is orders of
magnitude above mine, however I have seen some problems similar to yours.  I
second the advice about the WINS server.  When I have not had this set up
properly (or nmbd has died for some reason) I see all kinds of odd browsing
problems including slow browsing, things coming in and out of the browse
list with no explanation, etc.  In addition I thought I'd add that when I
added a VPN link to my network to tie in other off-site offices, this
noticeably slowed down the browsing for local clients.  This is because they
are hitting that VPN link (because they have a drive mapped there) and thus
it takes time to travel out and back over the link.  Granted none of this
addresses your file corruption issues, but I thought it might help for the

Browsing is generally what generates all my questions from users :)

Good Luck - and don't give up!


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