[Samba] newbie problem: can't mount win xp disk into linux (regkey is set)

Don Zajic donald.zajic at verizon.net
Wed Oct 23 09:02:00 GMT 2002

I don't know if you received a response to this, however, do you have an
entry in your /etc/hosts file for XERXES?

192.168.x.x		XERXES

Without this, your linux box does not know who XESRES is.

Here is my /etc/hosts     localhost.localdomain localhost niihau oahu molokai hawaii lanai

My Mount command in the same format as yours:

[root at molokai donald]# mount -t smbfs -o
username=<myname>,password=<mypassword> //hawaii/C_drive /mnt/share

Listing the contents of my Windows XP Pro C Drive

[root at molokai donald]# ls /mnt/share
09 2002 Revised Resume.doc  MAT540 Project Proposal.doc  RedHat Iso
AUTOEXEC.BAT                MSDOS.SYS                    Sofsource
BK5                         NTDETECT.COM
boot.ini                    ntldr                        STAT
CONFIG.SYS                  oracle                       System Volume
Documents and Settings      pagefile.sys                 WINDOWS
FOWIN                       Program Files                WUTemp
hiberfil.sys                Project Preposal.doc         
IO.SYS                      RECYCLER

My smb.conf file

[root at molokai donald]# cat /etc/samba/smb.conf
# This is the main Samba configuration file. You should read the
# smb.conf(5) manual page in order to understand the options listed
# here. Samba has a huge number of configurable options (perhaps too
# many!) most of which are not shown in this example
# Any line which starts with a ; (semi-colon) or a # (hash) 
# is a comment and is ignored. In this example we will use a #
# for commentry and a ; for parts of the config file that you
# may wish to enable
# NOTE: Whenever you modify this file you should run the command
# to check that you have not many any basic syntactic errors. 
#======================= Global Settings

   workgroup = zajic
   server string = Molokai - PDC Samba Server
   hosts allow = 192.168.1. 127.
;  guest account = pcguest

   log file = /var/log/samba/%m.log
   max log size = 50
   security = user
   encrypt passwords = yes
   smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd

   socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192

   local master = yes
   os level = 64
   domain master = yes 
   preferred master = yes
   domain logons = yes
   domain admin group = @ntadmins
   time server = true
   logon script = login.bat

# Where to store roving profiles (only for Win95 and WinNT)
#        %L substitutes for this servers netbios name, %U is username
#        You must uncomment the [Profiles] share below
   logon path = \\%L\profiles\%U
   logon drive = H:
   logon home = \\%L\%U
   dns proxy = no
#============================ Share Definitions
   comment = Home Directories
   browseable = no
   writable = yes

# Un-comment the following and create the netlogon directory for Domain
   comment = Network Logon Service
   path = /usr/local/samba/lib/netlogon
   writable = no
   write list = @ntadmins
   ;share modes = no

# Un-comment the following to provide a specific roving profile share
# the default is to use the user's home directory
    path = /usr/local/samba/profiles
    ;path = /home
    writeable = yes
    create mask = 0600
    directory mask = 0700

# A publicly accessible directory, but read only, except for people in
# the "staff" group
   comment = Public Stuff
   path = /public
   public = yes
   writable = yes
   browseable = yes
   printable = no 
   write list = donald debra tasha christie
   comment = Molokai CDRom
   path = /mnt/cdrom
   public = yes
   writeable = no
   browseable = yes

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(regkey is set)

Got two machines connected via a 10MBit Hub:
One Slackware Linux 8.1 with eth0 = Realtek8139 (working fine), one
WindowsXP Pro, same NIC, registry key for proper auth is set.

The Windows machine is called xerxes on which the C dir is shared, and
there is /mnt/xerxes/ on the Linux box.

The command:
# mount -t smbfs -o username=(username on win machine),password=(passwd
on win # machine) //XERXES/C /mnt/xerxes/ gives me the following errors:

2251: session request to XERXES failed (Not listening on called name)
2251: session request to *SMBSERVER failed (Not listening on called

Am clueless. Should mention I'm familiar with Linux but a network

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