[Samba] Utmp Problem

Walter Mautner rentuam_retlaw at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 23 04:42:00 GMT 2002

> Subject: [Samba] Utmp Problem
> I currently have a build of samba-2.2.5 running with cups and
> ldap support.  I attempted to reconfigure, i.e. run configure
> enabling cups, ldap and now utmp.  After samba configured I
> ran make and it made the new binaries.  I added utmp = yes to
> my smb.conf and now I get:
> $ smbstatus -S
> Unknown parameter encountered: "utmp"
> Ignoring unknown parameter "utmp"
> and then the output of smbstatus
> Also, users do not show up in w or who or finger, etc..  I
> figure I did something wrong.  Thanks for the help
You should do a "make clean" before you build the new binaries.

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