[Samba] Wins. Urgente !!!

Walter Mautner rentuam_retlaw at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 23 04:12:00 GMT 2002

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I´ve already configure my Wins Server with SAMBA, but my Win2000 client,
can't see other's workstations.
It can use "net use" command, it can use "Start > Execute >
\\workstation\share", but in Network Neigh., they can't see other
workstations !!!

All my clients just have the same configuration (DHCP).

PS. I´ve started Browse option in smb.conf.

Why ??? Why ???

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You should check for typos in your clients workgroup name,
also it's necessary to insert the IP of your wins server
into its tcpip settings (look at "advanced" tab on tcpip
properties or ipconfig /all on commandline).
For DHCP configuration, I remember something about
configuring node type and "option netbios nameserver" with
the appropriate IP there.

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