[Samba] Wishlist for libsmbclient.so

Diego Rivera lrivera at racsa.co.cr
Tue Oct 22 16:53:01 GMT 2002

I saw the header for libsmbclient.so, and it looks pretty basic - file
access, print job access, share access, but no password modification.

Is there a chance this will be modularized into the library in the

i.e.: add this call to the library:

int smbc_change_passwd( char* un, char* wg, char* oldpw, char* newpw );

Or at least something with a callback a-la smbc_init()?

This would facilitate the pam_smbpass module to do remote password
updates and authentication, looking for a semi-single-sign-on solution.

Currently, I can do this and keep unix and smb passwords (mostly) in
sync and authenticate through a centralized server.  However there are
some limitations which could be addressed by this such as doing all
passwords on Samba.  This of course is NOT preferable to Kerberos, but
since no production Samba can do Kerberos V yet, I see few other



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