[Samba] Roaming Profiles, My Documents and XP

Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Tue Oct 22 16:19:00 GMT 2002

On Tue, 2002-10-22 at 11:14, Adam Lang wrote:
> Hello,
> I successfully joined an XP machine to my Samba PDC.
> When looking at the profile folder on the samba server for the user (which I
> had to create manually.  Is there a way this can be done automatically?) I
> saw the My Documents folder was copied up.
> I was thinking this was cool because people would have their stuff stored on
> the server and wouldn't have to teach them anything different.
> One problem I thought though was if they have like a gigabyte of documents.
> Would this mean it would have to download all of that before it would finish
> booting?
that's true only if you keep my documents in the profile...
instead you should redirect my documents to their home directory
that way all their docs stay on the server.
> Also, I created a folder in the My Documents folder and copied some files
> into it to see if it copied up, it did.  I went to delete it and it cleared
> out.  I logged off and back on and files inside the deleted folder were
> gone, but the folders returned.  Is this a problem or do I need to fix
> something?
this won't be a problem if you redirect my documents

> I have no problem going back to a login script to set a home directory for a
> mapped drive, but apparently the login scripts for win98 machines aren't
> same for winxp (location ways), but I will look into that.
you don't need a logon script to do this... just configure samba 
to do it.
        logon drive = H:
        logon home = \\yourserver\%U


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