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Buchan Milne bgmilne at cae.co.za
Tue Oct 22 12:15:01 GMT 2002

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| Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 14:08:49 -0300
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| From: Daniel Bertin <danielb at theorix.com>
| Subject: [Samba] win2K passwords
| Hi all,
| I need help, I'm trying to create a windows2000 share drive on
mandrake 9.0
| and just cannot get the passwords to work. I don't know what to do.
| can someone help me with the proper way to do this??
| I set the registry in win2000  plaintextpassword to true


| I set encrypted to no, with webmin and manually

Why? Using clear-text passwords is both more insecure, and more limiting
(you will have problems if you decide to migrate to a samba-controlled
domian, since you will *have* to switch to encrypted passwords then).

| I tried sychro users from webmin

What for? That only works for users added from webmin.

| installed/reinstalled
| nothing works help please
| can I not just use the encrypted password option default at install??

That is the suggested method. Make your user accounts (ie with useradd,
userdrake or whatever else), and then for each user, do something like this:

# smbpasswd -a <username>

Connect (assuming you are logged into win9x with the same username that
you created in Mandrake) from a windows machine.

This applies if you use the default smb.conf that we ship (and haven't
stuffed it up with swat or similar), which is intended to operate mostly
like windows2000. Unfortunately there are reasons for you having to
assign samba passwords. You can set pam_smbpasswd up yourself to set the
users password whenever it is changed by some other means, but we can't
have that setup by default.

BTW, please at least read the stuff in the default smb.conf, 95% of what
you will ever want to do has examples in there, by just uncommenting the
exisiting lines you can have either:

1)standalone server
2)domain controller
3)domain member
4)winbind domain member, but take a look at /etc/samba/smb-winbind.conf


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