[Samba] problem on user mapping

Alexander Kuznetsov iam at alz27.nnov.ru
Tue Oct 22 10:16:00 GMT 2002

R> It is an email from HK. My company is using Samba to share a web server. We
R> have set a number of people to a group in smb.conf. and made respective
R> setting in the users.map.
R> The problem is that, anyone in the group is able to read files, create
R> files and edit files created by himself only. No one can edit files that
R> are created by others in the group.
R> Did I make some errors in the configuration?

Try use 
create mask = 0775 
It take permission to write for group for new files.
for old files say "chmod g+w *"

Good luck

	Alexander Kuznetsov

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