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RBerezowski at dlkw.co.uk RBerezowski at dlkw.co.uk
Mon Oct 21 23:37:57 GMT 2002

I'm just looking for a little clairification, which I wasn't able to quite
figure out. I'm wondering if Samba is able to authenticate users against a
Windows 2000 Active directory DC? I have found references that it can to
NT, so I'm assuming that refers to Windows NT 4.0.  Basically, I've got a
windows network, and my users logon. I want to use a samba server, but
would like for my users to be able to access the samba shares based on
their network logon.

if this is possible, would you please direct me to a suitable howto? I've
been to many of them, but as before, I am unable to make this work


rob Berezowski

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