[Samba] Strange Share Trouble

Dan Tappin dan.tappin at orourke-eng.com
Mon Oct 21 20:28:41 GMT 2002

MessageAre you running Cadpipe / SAMBA together?

Any pointers as to where I can start trouble shooting this?


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  Protocol issue? Cadpipe uses TCP/IP? Stranger things have happened....


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    I am running SAMBA on Redhat Linux 7.x.

    I have a share for our office as a file server.  The regular Win9x
client can browse / edit / delete and use the server with no issues from the
Windows Explorer / Applications except for one.

    We run AutoCAD (drafting) with an extension Cadpipe.  Cadpipe has it's
own file browser style interface where you add files to a list to create a
'project'.  The issue is that Cadpipe only can see files on local drives not
our SAMBA share.  You can navigate the directory hierarchy on the share but
no files are available for selection. They are there and you can see them
from Windows Explorer but not via Cadpipe.  If the files are on a local
drive all is well.

    Currently users are cutting the files off the server, pasting them to
their local systems and vice versa when they are done.  As you can imagine
this causes problems with lost files etc and defeats the reason for having
the server in the first place.

    Any obvious ideas / places to start looking?


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