[Samba] Solution for winbind problem: incorrect password or unknown usern ame

Wieprecht, Karen M. Karen.Wieprecht at jhuapl.edu
Mon Oct 21 20:12:00 GMT 2002

We had winbind running great,  but suddenly we were getting this GUI that

	Incorrect password or unknown Username for :
	\\hostname <\\hostname> 
	Connect as:    (rectangle to enter username )
	Password: 	 (rectangle to enter password)

Wbinfo showed that I was talking to the domain controller successfully,  but
I could not get onto the samba shares.  

I finally isolated that this happens after I have stopped and started
winbind on my Irix system.  I'm not sure the exact sequence,  but I believe
I had stopped winbind and had forgotten to restart it before I started
testing my samba share access.  

My theory is that the problem with winbind not running causes my nameservice
to hence ignore using winbind for name lookup.  A reboot would clear this
up,  but on Irix,  you can re-run 

	nsadmin restart

To tell your name services to use winbind.   The reason you never can get
logged in, even if you give a correct NT username and password, is that your
UNIX back-end is never using the winbind piece of nsswitch,  so all
authentication being passed by the PC is encrypted,  but UNIX is expecting
clear text,  thus you will never be able to login via this window if your
UNIX system has stopped using winbind.  

Hope this helps someone.

	Karen Wieprecht 
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