[Samba] W2KSP2 vs W2KSP2RP1 - failed logon to Samba 2.2.6

Irving Carrion icarrion at allinterior.com
Mon Oct 21 17:39:46 GMT 2002

I think the signorseal patch may help.

Good Luck!

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Hello, samba.

I upgraded samba 2.2.5 to samba 2.2.6 in Debian 3.0. Both versions was
built myself by script "rules binary".
Our network have a few of W2KSP2.rus and a few of W2KSP2RP1.rus. All
workstations can logon to samba 2.2.5.
W2KSP2.rus can't login to samba 2.2.6, though W2KSP2RP1.rus still can
logon to PDC on samba 2.2.6. W2KSP2 tells me, that it can not find
profile, but continue to work with default local profile. Profiles of
users located in \\samba_server\profiles\%u, home dirs located as usual
in \\samba_server\%u.

I try to solve this problem by rejoining W2KSP2 to the domain. But
after workstation disconnection, it can not join to the domain. I try
del all tdb files on server, but it not helped. But after I try to
delete Client for Microsoft Network and add it again, workstation can
connect to the domain, but users still can not logon to the domain.
After I install SP2RP1.rus, I can login to the domain.

Is this bug? In this mailing list people say, that can not logon or
join to the domain in samba 2.2.5 with W2KSP3 or XPSP1. After this bug
(may be it MS bug) was corrected, appears another bug?

 Vladimir I. Umnov                         mailto:samba at ezmail.ru

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