[Samba] samba - force user parameter (bug?)

John Tatum jtatum at mercercorp.net
Mon Oct 21 16:43:01 GMT 2002


Running a paradox database on samba 2.2.3a-6 under redhat 7.3.  Research 
indicated that there was an issue with the lock files used by paradox in 
that they were created on the fly.  Whichever user logged in first owned 
the lock files, thus preventing other users from using the app.  The 
solution turned out to be using the force user and force group 
parameters, creating a user and private group of the same name (db). 
 Once we did this everything ran fine until one of the users changed 
their password.  Now the user who changed their password can no longer 
access the database.  I have tried getting the user to change their 
smbpasswd on the console, but this does not help.  When the user is 
logged in under their userid, an error message, 
*NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD*, is generated.  I do not know the reason 
behind this error and have researched it on google the last four hours 
with no results.  Please advise.


jtatum at mercercorp.net

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