[Samba] Error - should be sent to WINS server

Frank Matthieß fm+samba at Microdata-POS.de
Mon Oct 21 12:20:01 GMT 2002

On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 12:51:20PM +0200, Peter Lustig wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Oct 2002 13:10:18 +0400
> Alexander Kuznetsov <iam at alz27.nnov.ru> wrote:
> > PL> does anyone know what following error-message means ? This message returns any 4 minutes for any client
> > PL> in the lan:
> > 
> > PL> -->
> > PL> Oct 21 10:03:18 TE-WET01 nmbd[16353]: [2002/10/21 10:03:18, 0] nmbd/nmbd_incomingrequests.c:process_name_refresh_request(183)
> > PL> Oct 21 10:03:18 TE-WET01 nmbd[16353]:   process_name_refresh_request: unicast name registration request received for name CLIENTNAME<00> from IP on subnet UNICAST_SUBNET.
> > PL> Oct 21 10:03:18 TE-WET01 nmbd[16353]: [2002/10/21 10:03:18, 0] nmbd/nmbd_incomingrequests.c:process_name_refresh_request(184)
> > PL> Oct 21 10:03:18 TE-WET01 nmbd[16353]:   Error - should be sent to WINS server
> > PL> <--
> > 
> > PL> I've tried it with older and newer versions of samba (2.2.1a -> 2.2.5) - but the same messages appaers in /var/log/messages.
> > PL> Hope anyone can help me ...
> > 
> > From source code :
> > "We should only get broadcast name registration packets here.
> > Anyone trying to register unicast should be going to a WINS
> > server. If the code gets here, then either we are not a wins
> > server and they sent it anyway, or we are a WINS server and
> > the request was malformed. Either way, log an error here.
> > and send an error reply back."
> > 
> hi,
> thanx - but is it possible to disable those messages without 
> changing something at the win-client ?
> The samba-server is not configured as wins-server. Should I
> enable Wins in smb.conf to prohibitive those messages ?

There are two ways to solve this 'problem':

1. You have an windows server, which runs wins
   You told all windows network systems, that _this_ windows server ip
   address is fro wins. Depending on static or dhcp ip's you have to
   manualy assign wins in tcp/ip properties, or chaneg dhcp config and
   do "ipconfig /renew" in a command windows.
   For the samba system you must add "wins server = <winsserveripadr>

   man smb.conf:
	wins server (G)
				  This specifies the IP  address  (or  DNS  name:  IP
				  address  for  preference)  of  the WINS server that
				  nmbd(8)should register with. If  you  have  a  WINS
				  server  on your network then you should set this to
				  the WINS server's IP.

				  You should point this at your WINS  server  if  you
				  have a multi-subnetted network.

				  NOTE.  You  need to set up Samba to point to a WINS
				  server if you have multiple subnets and wish cross-
				  subnet browsing to work correctly.

				  See  the  documentation  file  BROWSING.txt  in the
				  docs/ directory of your Samba source  distribution.

				  Default: not enabled

				  Example: wins server =

2. You want run wins on samba server.
   Set "wins support = yes"
   man smb.conf:
         wins support (G)
              This  boolean  controls  if  the  nmbd(8)process in
              Samba will act as a WINS server. You should not set
              this to true unless you have a multi-subnetted net­
              work and you wish a particular nmbd to be your WINS
              server.   Note  that  you  should NEVER set this to
              true on more than one machine in your network.

              Default: wins support = no
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