[Samba] user root is not accepted anymore

rudi.labermeier at philips.com rudi.labermeier at philips.com
Mon Oct 21 11:58:00 GMT 2002


we're using samba 2.2.1.a on a SuSE Linux box.
After changing the root password, root is not able to login anymore.
Neither with the new nor the old password.
We reinstalled samba and changed every file in /etc/samba.
Every other user is accepted.
We never used smbpasswd.

Now we're a little bit confused because we changed the root's password on a identical machine and do not have the same effect.
Is there anybody who has got an idea?

Regards, Rudi

  Rudi Labermeier
  IT Administrator

  SP3D Chip Design GmbH                               Phone:  +49 8151 270-119
  Petersbrunner Str. 17                                         Fax:       +49 8151 270-200
  D-82319 Starnberg                                             mailto:rudi.labermeier at philips.com


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