[Samba] Roaming Profiles with win 98 - Doesn't work.

Walter Mautner rentuam_retlaw at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 21 04:10:01 GMT 2002

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> To: samba at lists.samba.org
> Subject: [Samba] Roaming Profiles with win 98 - Doesn't work.
> I would like to know if anybody on this list has managed to
> have a network of 98 clients running off a samba server, and
> had roaming profiles, i.e. people's settings follow them from
> machine to machine.

You have enabled user profiles on the 98 machines (control panel
- passwords) ?

> I have done everything I find in the
> guides, and I have no idea why the machines create new local
> profiles.

Try "net use * /HOME" on the windows machines, it should mount
The servers Profiles share. Check if you can create files there

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