[Samba] Win2k & Samba - beginner

duncan dkc.lnx at bigpond.com
Sat Oct 19 13:03:00 GMT 2002

I have a work provided Notebook with Win2k Pro and configured per company 
specs. At home I have loaded Redhat7.2 and would like to be able to share 
files between the 2 as required when I bring the Notebook home.

I have loaded Samba and attempted to configure using Swat, but still not much 

I can print from the Notebook via the LAN connection to a printer connected 
to the Linux box ... and can also see the File shares that I created in the 
"Microsoft Windows Network" under "My Network Places/Entire Network" , but 
cannot open the shares.

The answer seems to be something to do with domains and authentication ... as 
the work Noteboook normally belongs to a domain.

As you can see I'm new to the Linux world ... is there a simple way ? I've 
tried searching for clues in How-To's etc but cannot find an answer.


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