[Samba] information about XP <-> samba ?

Noel Kelly nkelly at citrusnetworks.net
Fri Oct 18 22:17:00 GMT 2002

I never seem to get any feedback but I solved my XP problem by setting the
Local Security Policy -> IP Security Policies to 'Permit'.


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Today I got my first XP in my network. I installed applied the registry
patch and it logged perfectly in the Samba PDC. After that I started the
Windows Update. I couldn´t install the SP1 but I installed all the hotfix
left and them, after a reboot, the XP took almost 30 minutes to log into the
Samba PDC.

my 0.2 cents.


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> Have you tried releasing the system from the domain (change it to a
> workgroup) and then rejoining it to the domain?  I had that with one of
> my systems and after that all was well.  Also make sure that you're ip
> settings are correct.  The network assistance does some weird stuff to
> your system.  That's why I don't use it.
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> Hi,
> my problem is, that it was also working, but now its over.
> The person who works with the XP computer changed something,
> he cant remember - perhaps by accident.
> An from now on the XP computer does not recognise the Samba anymore.
> The samba also does not show up in the network neighborhood.
> All registry hacks are set, no firewall, all ports,ip,protocols are
> open,
> but no chance of seeing a samba server.
> So do you have any hints whats going on with XP when it refuses to workd
> with Samba ?
> I had a similar effect once playing with XP and Samba at home.
> At first everything was OK, but then I klicked in the network assistent
> on the
> button "Home network installation" an from that point, no way of getting
> in
> touch with samba. I found no way getting back. That was the point I
> decided
> to kill XP.
> ;-(
> Regards,
> Bernd
> Greg S. Miller wrote:
> >I've been using Samba 2.2.5 on RedHat 7.2 with 7 XP clients for almost
> a
> >year with no problems.  It actually was pretty smooth after I figured
> >out how to get samba running (this was my first install).  The reg
> hacks
> >are necessary but if you set them before you get into it all it creates
> >a whole lot less headaches.  Also remember to create machine trust
> >accounts on the server.  Google has a wealth of information on the
> >subject.
> >As far as everything working, everything works fine between the two
> >(Print server hasn't been tested).  Roaming profiles, personal folders,
> >everything you should expect from a file server.  I would say setup up
> a
> >dummy client with xp and test it out before you do a full upgrade.
> This
> >will allow you to stream line the rest of the installs.  Good luck.
> >
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> >
> >Hello,
> >
> >my experience so far: dont do it - dont use XP - use Win2K
> >
> >WinNT Win2K all is woorking fine, but XP ist might work and it might
> >not.
> >We habe a single XP computer in out environment and ist makes a lot of
> >trouble.
> >
> >At first after applying all registry pathces to XP it worked,
> >but suddenly after a non reproducable accident XP is ignoring
> >the Samba Server.
> >My personal experience with XP was the same.
> >After installation it worked, but after an hour "playing"
> >with XP and also an nonreproducable accident XP was ignoring
> >Samba.
> >
> >We still cant figure out what the problem is.
> >
> >So if u use XP and Samba and if it works over a long time
> >(i.e. 4 weeks ore more) please write a FAQ ;-)
> >
> >MY recommendation: dont use XP - Use Win2K
> >
> >Regards,
> >Bernd
> >
> >
> >pilsl at goldfisch.at wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> >>I'm thinking about upgrading our NT4-clients to XP in the near future
> >>and I want to know how well XP is supported by SAMBA in the recent
> >>samba-versions.
> >> I found many single statements in usenet, but I wonder if there is a
> >>kind of XP-FAQ out there. (The one at samba-page is very outdated)
> >>
> >>Especially I need to know how well XP integrates in a existing
> >>NT4-domain (samba as PDC).
> >>
> >> Then I need to know if there are any problems with fileservers (I
> >>remember rumours about reghacks one has to apply on XP to make things
> >>work)
> >>
> >> And finally - if a machine is not part of the domain (guest-laptop):
> >>if a local XP-user with user/pass similar than on samba-server is
> >>sufficient for auth on the sambaserver ?
> >>
> >>thnx,
> >>peter
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
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