[Samba] Mapping drives from W2K domain controller

Stephen W. Boyd sboyd at amtelecom.net
Fri Oct 18 16:30:23 GMT 2002

I am having a strange problem.  I can't map drives from my linux server to 
my W2K domain controller.  It keeps asking me for a user id & password and 
no matter which user id & password I use I get a message telling me that 
the user id and/or password is invalid.  I can map drives from the linux 
server to another W2K server that is in the same domain, but is not 
configured as a domain controller.

I am using samba 2.2.5 on the linux server.  W2K SP1 on both W2K 
servers.  The samba server is configured to using the W2K domain controller 
to validate user ids & passwords.  BTW I can map drives to the domain 
controller from a SCO UNIX machine which is running samba 2.2.2.

Any help is appreciated.

Stephen W. Boyd
e-mail: sboyd at amtelecom.net

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