[Samba] does smbmount use keepalive and/or smb.conf?

Richard Duran duranr at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 18 15:10:17 GMT 2002

> I posted the url because it has smbfs patches for
> "receive timeout
> ..avoiding D state for offline servers" which seemed
> your problem.
> Don't know the answer to you questions. But, if you
> rephrase them to use
> "smbfs" in place of "smbmount" (which is an helper),
> I'd say
> 1. with patch
> 2. no
> -- 
> giulioo at pobox.com

Thank you for clearing that up. Since we are running
kernel 2.4.18, and this patch appears to apply to
2.4.4, is it safe to assume that this patch need not
be applied?

-Richard Duran

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