[Samba] something wrong with the list (or its members)

Yura Pismerov ypismerov at tucows.com
Fri Oct 18 14:30:29 GMT 2002

	I've noticed the list has pretty low answer:question ratio.
I tend to think that many replies go directly to people who post the
questions and those people never bother to share the answers with the
community. I don't think this is fair so we may want to do something in
this regard. We either need certain rules that will imply posting of
summaries (as {SUN,LINUX}managers lists do), or the list maintainers
should consider setting up reply-to-list option.
I'd like to know what people think about it...


Yuri Pismerov, Sr. System Administrator, 
TUCOWS.COM INC.	(416) 535-0123  ext. 1352

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