[Samba] Printing issue

Jason Valenzuela jvalenzuela at dspfl.com
Fri Oct 18 13:38:12 GMT 2002

> 1.  Are you using the Windows native drivers?  If so, update them to
> more current drivers from HP.  I'm using either NT/Win2k v4.3.2.38 or
> Win2k/XP v02.12.02 of the PCL 5E drivers.  The MS-Supplied HP LJ4 drivers
>  (and Lexmark Optra S and more...) have a host of problems.  Including
> missing characters, graphics, etc.
I updated with the drivers from HP's website, no change. BTW if I plug the
printers directly into the workstation's parallel port everything prints

> 2.  Run testparm on your Samba box to see/fix problems in your
> setup.  Directory rights on the lprng or samba spool dirs may cause
> the "Access Denied" errors.  Look at the LPRng How-To for the
> correct syntax for the smb.conf entries.  Run checkpc -V -f to
> see/fix problems in the lprng setup.
testparm and checkpc seem happy. Printer spool directories are owned by the
lpd user and the daemon group. The samba printer spool directory is owned by
the lpd user and the users group. I got the smb.conf printing commands from
the LPRng docs.

> 3.  If you're using the print$ share to distribute your drivers,
> adding guest ok=yes may clear up the "Access Denied" errors.  Be sure
> that you have "guest account" and "Map to Guest" configured in smb.conf.
The printer drivers are installed locally on the workstations, I'm only
using linux/samba as a central queue for a pair of printers.

> Use SWAT to get to the smb.conf readme for more info.
Not using SWAT.

Jason Valenzuela

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