[Samba] MS Access and Samba

Noel Kelly nkelly at citrusnetworks.net
Fri Oct 18 12:03:00 GMT 2002

Not sure if this has anything to do with Samba:

I try and stay away from Access but a few years ago we had similar problems
with Access on a Novell server.  It kept corrupting and looking at the
Access documentation it seems that Access is not a multiuser database unless
you program it to be.  So you need to manually code all the database locking
etc - an out-of-the-box one is only good for single user.


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we still have some trouble running a MS Access-database on Samba. We now 
tried it with v.2.2.6 on RH 7.3 but still we either get no acces on the 
database simultanously or we run in problems with updating the database. 
The problem is that we make some changes on one of the clients but the 
changes are not visible to the other clients until they shut down the 
database and reopen it. We tried all lock options but there appears always 
one of the problems described above. If we disable oplocks in any way, only 
one client can open the db.

We also tried to update the W2K-clients to SP3 because I read something 
about problems with oplocks on W2K-SP2 but nothing helped. A Google search 
on this problem brought up an article that MS Access has huge problems 
running on Samba or any other file-server-system than Windows.

Has anyone ever get an Access-db running on more than 2 clients 
simultaneously and if yes, could you please give us some helpfull hints ?

Thanks in advance.


Oliver Krehan
IT Security Assistent

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