[Samba] samba & fat32 lockup my linux machine

dmarcelino at cox.net dmarcelino at cox.net
Fri Oct 18 08:15:01 GMT 2002

My problem is that whenever I try to copy a large file from a client machine to a fat32 partition (ext3 works fine) mounted under samba, the host linux machine will lock up completely.  I can, however, copy small files to the fat32 partition just fine (ie. 1 KB to 1 MB size file), it's only when I copy files that are about 200 MB and larger, that the computer will lockup.  
NAT still functions, but telnet will no longer work and the host keyboard becomes completely unresponsive.  All the host processes lock up (web server, swat, etc), and I can only press the reset button to get the machine up again.  

I've searched the mailing archives for a solution, but only found a person with a similar problem who received no responses.  

I've used the linux kernels 2.5.30 to 2.5.43, and have tried samba 2.2.5-2.2.6, and the problem exists through all of them.  I can ftp large files to the fat32 partition just fine, so I really believe the issue lies in samba.  I cannot switch the partition to a different filesystem, because I need the data on the drive to be accessible by Windows 2000 as well.  Also, I need to use the linux 2.5.x kernel, because 2.4.x does not correctly support my network cards, and ide controller.  

I'd really appreciate anyone's help on this issue.

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