[Samba] WIN2000 Reconnect at logon.

Gus D. Della Corte gustavo at gminet.att.com
Thu Oct 17 21:04:00 GMT 2002


I'm a Unix Admin in AT&T Labs and I have a request.
Some of the users accessing my unix servers are running WIN2000.
For the other flavors of Windows I have "mirrored" the main AT&T domain passwd to the unix box passwd , therefore when rebooting they don't get prompted to key in the passwd.(To re-map the drive)
This is because my unix boxes are in a different AT&T domain.
However, with WIN2000, I have no way of avoiding that window that pops up at the beginning of their logon , asking their passwd. I mirrored their passwd , but  that doesn't work.
Is this a know problem? Can you help?

Thanks You,
Gus Della Corte
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