[Samba] Printing issue

Jason Valenzuela jvalenzuela at dspfl.com
Thu Oct 17 17:50:01 GMT 2002

> What version of Unix/Linux are you running?
I'm running Linux 2.4.19, Samba 2.2.5, and LPRng 3.8.15. Everything compiled
from source.

> In your smb.conf file, do you specify the appropriate printing system via:
> printing = lprng (or bsd, aix, etc.)
> The command I use for printing is:
> print command = /usr/sbin/lpr -h -r -P %p %s
> Incidentally, if you are using postscript (or PCL) to print, the data is
sent as
> text for the most part.  So, maybe your -l option is not translating the
> character set appropriately.
I have
printing = lprng
print command = /usr/bin/lpr -P%p -l -r %s

I just added the -l to see if it would fix my problem, it made no difference
at all.

Jason Valenzuela

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