[Samba] Printing issue

Jason Valenzuela jvalenzuela at dspfl.com
Thu Oct 17 16:28:00 GMT 2002

I'm trying to setup a print server for Samba clients to use. I have a HP
LaserJet 4 connected to /dev/lp0 and I'm using the LPRng spooling package.
Documents printed from Windows clients make it to the printer. However the
printed documents, mostly Excel/Word documents, have various abberations on
them. Graphical flaws, the text seems fine. In addition I seem to get 2
copies for some reason. Also when I look at the print queue via Windows I
get, "Access denied, unable to connect."
I have no filters in place, using -l with the lpr print command, as I do not
wish to print directly from the Samba box. Any suggestions?

Jason Valenzuela

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