[Samba] Samba + LDAP + SuSE eMail Server questions/problems

Fabiano Felix felix at getnet.com.br
Thu Oct 17 16:10:01 GMT 2002

Hi all,

I have some questions, some not accurately about samba, but all are 

This is my environment:
- I have a SuSE eMail Server 3.1, and I want to use the ldap database to 
store my samba accounts (this is OK) and have a Samba PDC (this is OK too);

That are my questions/problems:
- I need a master (this is ok) and a slave ldap servers. The master to 
slave replication is OK. According the openldap documentation, when a 
client send a data modification to a slave, the server returns to the 
application a updateref with the master address, so that the change is 
made. According the "Using Samba Special Edition", the Samba has this 
functionality, but I configured the LDAP and dont have success (I used 
the configuration of the OpenLDAP according the official documentation).
- I'm not obtaining success to add the clients to the domain. I receive 
the following message (using the root user): "User unknow". I read in 
some doc that is necessary  a user with uid=0 in LDAP database. It is 
correct? If I use the domain admin group, I receive the message "user 
must have uid 0". This parameter is not allowed or is not more supported?
- I want to use the "add user script" to add the machine accounts 
automatically in to the LDAP. For this, I believe that is necessary to 
configure the PAM module with LDAP for  useradd application. If this is 
correct, someone can send me a example?

Thanks for your help...

With best regards,


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