[Samba] Documentation help

Rapazito PT linuxzito at frontnet.net
Thu Oct 17 13:15:01 GMT 2002

Hello Samber's,

  Sorry my question, but I'm a newbie on the list.
  I have a network with about 57 Win2K workstations, and 2 Linux(RH7.3) 
Servers. Samba is in one Linux box, controlling the workgroup, but now my 
boss wants to put the network as a domain (internal domain, e.g. wpc.wpc). 
All Win2K boxes make a domain login, and bla bla bla... 
  Can anyone help me where I can find a good HOW-TO to configure this on my 

Thanks in advance,
Rapazito PT
A Linux Newbie from Portugal
linuxzito at frontnet.net

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