[Samba] Performance Problem on GUI-Session

Michael Müller michael.mueller at umbreit-kg.de
Thu Oct 17 11:42:01 GMT 2002


I´ve tried to install samba 2.2.3a on our AIX 4.3. So long I had not any

I can map a drive on my W2K PC and do anything I want to on this drive. The
problem I have is, that when I´m doing a file transfer from the samba share
onto my local computer I have a big difference in the performance. If I´m
using the explorer the time it needs is about tenth longer than a file-copy
over a dosbox.

Even when I´m opening a file with winword or excel it tooks a very long time
to open, save and close this file. When I´m opening the same file with the
editor the opening time is as it should be.

Can anybody help me to fix this problem.

Best regards

Michael Müller

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